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01 Jul 2016   

Tentang IATPI

Who We Are?

Ikatan Ahli Teknik Penyehatan dan Teknik Lingkungan Indonesia (IATPI) or the Indonesia Society of Sanitary and Environmental Engineers was formed in October of 1997 by a group of alumni of the Sanitary Engineering Department of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB – Institute Teknologi Bandung). Senior environmental engineering professors, like Prof. Dr. Ir. Soepangat Soemarto, MSc; Dr. Ir. Benny Chatib, MSc; and Ir. Hidayat Notosugondo are among the founding members.

At the time, IATPI's founding members strongly believed that sanitary and environmental engineering are professional disciplines that are critical and strategic for Indonesia's national development. This conviction is evident in IATPI's primary mission to commit itself to ---- through active participation in national development in general and specifically in the fields of sanitary and environmental engineering.

Currently, IATPI's membership includes more than 1500 sanitary and environmental engineering professionals throughthout Indonesia, working in various governmental, private, academic, and research organizations. Congress in 1998 formally opens IATPI memberships to all professionals working in the sanitary and environmental engineering fields including those with other engineering degrees.

Our Activities

Activities that have been undertaken by IATPI include voluntary social services to develop clean water facilities for villages; and national and international seminars on solid waste, urban drinking water, and other similar topics. IATPI has also actively assisted the government in developing national policies on urban environmental planning, such as clean water, drainage, solid waste and special planning.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Engineers Associations (PII – Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia), IATPI has launched a Professional Engineer Certification Program for sanitary and environmental engineers. This internationally accredited certification provides Indonesian sanitary and environmental engineers with international recognition as professional equals. IATPI also launched a Certification Program for Construction Services regarding the Environment and Environmental Program Certification Manager for Waste Water Treatment.

Responding to the current national economic crisis, IATPI is actively involved in the USAID's Water Efficiency Team program, a program conducted to study the extend of financial crisis experienced by Indonesians clean water enterprises.

The National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) invites IATPI to become a member in the exclusive Clean Water Community. Other members include various government offices, universities, donor agencies, and NGOs.

Cooperation with several international organizations have also been established including the International Association on Water Quality (IAWQ), and the East Asia Regional Organization on Planning and Housing (EAROPH). In the near future, IATPI will also be affiliated with the Water Environmental Federation (WEF), the America's professional association for this field.

IATPI along with other construction-related professional associations, under a direct order from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, has studied the feasibility of developing an Institution of the Construction Services. Such institution will responsible for the development of human resources and business community in Indonesian industry of construction.

Our Leadership

IATPI National Congress VII in 2010 has appointed Mr.Budi Yuwono to be the fifth IATPI Chairman. Previous IATPI chairman are Prof. Dr. Ir. Soepangat Soemarto (1977-1987), Ir. Sidabutar (1987 – 1995), Ir. Rama Boedi, MM (1995 – 1999), Ir. Zafar D. Idham, MBA (1999 – 2004) and Ir. Poejastanto, DEA, CES (2004-2009). It is expected that under Mr.Budi Yuwono's period, IATPI organization structure and programs will be reformed to meet the current needs and expectation.

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